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Todos los domingos. Del 22 de noviembre al 27 de diciembre de 2020.



Siempre Flamenco invites you to zoom with them, every Sunday @ 4pm at Café Cantante/Live. This innovative virtual and interactive flamenco event features special guest artists from across the globe, sharing their artistry with you.   Join us and let yourself be inspired and surprised by flamenco.

Each week, the artists will premiere their especially commissioned performances for this event and engage the zoom audience with a Q&A. Siempre Flamenco founding members, Paco and Celia Fonta will be your hosts.

Join with Zoom (pre registration required) or watch live on siempre flamenco YouTube channel.

Schedule of events

Nov 22- «Los guitarristas también cantan «

Paco Fonta/ Paco Fernández /José Cortes Pansekito
This episode will feature three distinct flamenco guitarists who also sing, something very unusual in flamenco. Each one will present a couple of pieces and have an interesting discussion on flamenco.

Nov 29- World renowned flamenco singers Morenito de Illora, father and son.

Morenito de Illora’s singing style is steeped in the heritage of his gypsy ancestors. He is one of the major flamenco singers of the moment, respected for his immense knowledge along with his unique interpretation. He possesses all the virtues that a flamenco singer must have: temperament, courage, understanding, compass and sensitivity.

Jose “Morenito hijo” follows in his father’s path by continuing the Moreno saga of Flamenco. He began singing at a very young age and has not disappointed in the promise he revealed at 9 years of age to become a flamenco great. Jose already has an impressive artistic background, having traveled throughout Spain, performing at festivals and with important flamenco companies, most notably with Tomatito.

Dec 6- Legendary flamenco singer Maria Vargas with an introduction byfamed flamencologist Estela Zatania.

Maria Vargas is pure gypsy, and her singing style is steeped in the heritage of her ancestors. She is a serious singer, devoted to the study of Cante Jondo, or deep song of flamenco, a master of all the flamenco styles. Maria is from the port town of Sanlucar de Barrameda in Cadiz and has been singing for over fifty years. Recently she has received the legend of flamenco award and the most prestigious gold medal of fine arts award from the Spanish government. She is one of a few remaining singers of her generation.

Dec 13- Juan José «Junco» Flamenco dance company
with Susana Casas, dancer
El Mati, singer
Miguel Perez, guitar

“El Junco” is a major star of Flamenco and Spanish dance. He has over two decades traveling around the world, with both solo projects and with his company. In addition to receiving excellent reviews from both the press and the public, the talent of Juan José «El Junco» has led him to great achievements and recognition.

Dec 20- Siempre Flamenco and Expo Flamenco
In this episode we will visit with Jafelin Helten. Jafelin is the founder and international ambassador for the popular worldwide flamenco website

Dec 27- Siempre Flamenco Miami.
Featuring Siempre Flamenco company dancers Nuria Cid and Carla Ochoa.

For more info: 305-527-5666

This program is made possible with the support of the Miami- Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Affairs Council, The Miami Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.


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