The Lilliputian Pill

Micro In Shorts Episodio 3

The Lilliputian Pill

Original work by authors Lara Lom and Helen Lom (London/ Geneva).

Este video solo está disponible en inglés.

The world as we know it is in crisis. The temperatures are rising up to 120 Fahrenheit or 50 Celsius in most parts of the earth.  Many animals are already extinct.  The majority of glaciers and ice shelves have disappeared.  Famine, floods, drought and hurricanes are ravaging all continents.

An emergency international summit is called in Geneva, Switzerland.  After years of acrimony about how to address the climate change crisis, representatives of all the countries of the world finally agree that the apocalyptic situation requires drastic and urgent action.  Failure to act is no longer an option.  A treaty is signed by all countries whereby they commit to a concrete solution. 

The solution and its implementation are the subject of this “serious comedy”.  The suspense builds up until we hear the 12 gongs of Big Ben in London as the countdown. 

Este es el tercer episodio de la serie Microtheater Miami In Shorts.

¿Qué harías si tuvieras solo 72 horas para resolver la crisis global del cambio climático? 

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