Microtheater Miami is back

with Hernán Krasutzky


Fridays and Saturdays. From November 12, 2021 to December 18, 2021.


8 pm - 11 pm

CCEMiami invites you to enjoy the new comedies by Hernán Krasutzky at Microtheater Miami opening on November 12th, 2021.

The Argentinian writer, playwright, film and theater director, Hernán Krasutzky, will present 3 new comedies that will have you laughing from the very beginning to the every end, written exclusively for Microtheater Miami.

Krasutzky is a lover of good stories and manages an exquisite balance between everyday, crazy and comic situations, with fluid and dizzying texts that keep you glued to the armchair and bursting out laughing. His performance as author and director are an explosive combo when it comes to creating a formula that never fails.

“The theater is a wonderful expression where bodies undress, expose themselves and connect with the viewer; they are there, they are tangible, real and overflowing with a truth that wants to be revealed “

His works includes:

  • El gran mago blanco. Musical. (2015)
  • El héroe de la sombra.  Book, Novel (2017)
  • La vuelta a casa (2018),Tiempos de amor en crisis (2019), Amor a lo Miami (2020). Theater Play
  • Author of San Valentinder (2020), Ocho en una noche  y La bella is not sleeping (2021). Plays for Microtheater Miami.

He is currently producing the audiovisual series: Solo para Fans, (premiere on 2022).

“As an author I enjoy giving life to imaginary worlds that cross my mind; as a director the task is complicated, the world changes, collides, and changes until it becomes something completely new. That experience is passionate, an intimate expression that reveals everything inside me and is exposed to criticism. It’s scary, it’s being a father, you never know if you’re doing things right, but it’s undeniable that giving life is a beautiful and unique feeling ” said Krasutzky.

This new season will be open to the public every Friday and Saturday from November 12 to December 18 from 8 pm to 11 pm.


What else can go wrong?

Tómas and Angela have just arrived in Miami full of dreams to start a new life. They are special moments: The Covid, low season and as if that were not enough, a hurricane! They lock themselves in the house following the protocols, but they fail in the vast majority. Total stress in the eye of the storm. Too much fun stress, to see from the outside!


Brashell Santos: Dominican actress, model and influencer of great charisma and talent. His freshness and ease on stage are relentless when it comes to conquering all kinds of audiences, especially for comedy.

Bruno Gatti: Argentine actor based in Miami has spent several seasons at Micro Theater Miami, highly chosen by directors for his ability and dedication in each role he plays.


Strange jeans

Gloria, along with her boyfriend Fran, visit her recently deceased uncle’s house in search of clothes for a “garage sale”. Fran tries on the classic jeans of Tio Pedro and he incarnates in his body and tells his niece that he was murdered and needs help to find the culprit.

The problem? They all wanted to kill the nasty Uncle Pedro, and Gloria is not the most cunning. Will they be able to find what they are looking for?


Paloma de la Vega: Spanish actress, dancer and singer. For the first time at Micro Theater Miami, just arrived from New York, where he resides and belongs to the reduced Broadway theater staff. Multifaceted and charismatic, she dazzles with her strong stage presence, the mastery of her voice and her body.

Naue Souto: Brazilian actor, dancer and choreographer, former member of the musical group Ax Bahia. He lived in Argentina for 10 years where he became passionate about theater and participated in several highly successful plays. He returns for the third time to Micro Theater Miami to amuse us with his unique peculiarity.


Private carnal pleasure service at home

A prostitute couple lead an organized life with their own codes until an unusual client shows up with a proposal that will change the rules. Easy money has its consequences. Or not!


Sofi Rossi: Argentine actress and singer with a long history. He made multiple works in his country standing out in musical comedy thanks to his powerful voice and interpretation. With a strong footprint and undeniable presence, he returns to Micro Theater to delight us with his talent.

Leo Lugón: Argentine actor and model, face of multiple brands and advertising campaigns. Works in Argentina, Uruguay and Miami. Great versatility in both comedy and drama. Owner of an exquisite representation.

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