(About her books Mujeres de la Patria I / II y La Bella Cubana)


Wednesday, June 12, 2024.


2:00 PM

In June, the series named LITERARY WEDNESDAYS in its 3rd Season, with the support of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE), Baquiana Literary Magazine and the Spanish Cultural Center of Miami (CCEMIAMI), has as special guest the well-known historian, researcher and writer Teresa Fernández Soneira to talk about her books MUJERES DE LA PATRIA [Women of the Homeland] (volumes I / II) and LA BELLA CUBANA [The beautiful Cuban woman].

Every second Wednesday of the month, the series LITERARY WEDNESDAYS invites different authors, in order to continue with the contribution of the cultural development of the community and the promotion of the language and literature in Spanish in the United States of America. The programs are coordinated and conducted by Maricel Mayor Marsán, president of the Florida Delegation of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE) and director of Baquiana Literary Magazine.

The event will be recorded by the digital platform ZOOM and it will be located on a permanent basis to the public at the BAQUIANA TV Channel of YouTube as soon as:

Date: Wednesday, June 12 of 2024.

Hour: 2:00 PM

The event will be conducted in SPANISH.


Information about the guest author:


She was born in Havana, Cuba. She went into exile with her family to the United States in 1961 where she resides since then. She studied in the Schools of the Apostolate of the Sacred Heart in Havana (Cuba), Madrid (Spain) and Notre Dame Academy in Miami (Florida, USA). She graduated from Miami-Dade College with an Associate of Arts in Philosophy and from Barry University in Miami with a Bachelor’s Degree.

As a historian and researcher, she has written for different newspapers and magazines: Buenhogar, GeoMundo, El Nuevo Herald, Semanario ¡Éxito!, revista IDEAL, Herencia Cultural Cubana (Miami, Florida), Centro de Estudios Convivencia (Pinar del Río, Cuba), Linden Lane magazín (Fort Worth, Texas), Espacio Laical (Havana, Cuba), Clarinada of the former members of the Catholic Cuban Action, and in other publications. For six years, she was a columnist for The Catholic Voice, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Miami and the editor of Maris Stella, a magazine of the former alumni of the schools of the Apostolate of the Sacred Heart in Cuba.

She has participated in the Book Fair of Miami; she has made presentations in the congresses of the Institute of Cuban Studies (CRI) at the Florida International University and she has imparted conferences for different organizations as Operation Peter Pan, the Cuban Heritage Collection of the University of Miami, the Miami-Dade County Public Library System / Author’s Program, the Philosophy Department of Barry University, the PEN Club of Cuban Writers in Exile, the Academy of Cuban History in Exile, the Foundation Félix Varela and the Cuban Cultural Center of New York. She has also participated in numerous radio and TV programs.

In 1989, she received a scholarship of the American Library Association. She was awarded by the Foundation Father Félix Varela for her work about Félix Varela as journalist (Miami, Florida) and by the Hispanic Cultural Institute (Houston, Texas) for her essay about Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

She has published ten books about Cuban themes: Apuntes desde el destierro (1989); CUBA: Historia de la Educación Católica 1582-1961, 2 vols. (1997); Con la Estrella y la Cruz, historia de la Federación de Juventudes de Acción Católica Cubana , 2 vols. (2002); El Centro Mater de Miami, su historia y sus colaboradores (2008); Mujeres de la Patria, contribución de la mujer a la independencia de Cuba vol. I (2014), y vol. II (2018); La Bella Cubana, rostros de mujeres en la Cuba del siglo XIX (2022), and Relatos y Evocaciones, una Antología 1986-2023 (2024).

She is a member of the Foundation Father Félix Varela of Miami, of the FRIENDS of the Cuban Heritage Collection of the University of Miami, and of the Advisory Board of the Cuban Cultural Center of New York.

Information about the presenter:


She was born in Santiago of Cuba. She has resided in the United States for several decades. She is a poet, narrator, playwright, essayist, editor, literary critic, translator, director of the Editorial Board of Baquiana Literary Magazine, numerary member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE), and correspondent member of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). She has published more than twenty books in different literary genres. Her most recent books of poetry are: Rumores de Suburbios (2009) and Miami / poemas de la ciudad – poems of the city (2015). In theater: Trilogía de Teatro Breve (2012) and Las Tocayas (2013). In essays, notes and literary reviews: Crónicas Hispanounidenses (2014). In children’s literature: Nunuk: El insecto amistoso – The friendly bug (2022). Her work has been partially translated into several languages, as well as published in magazines and anthologies in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and the USA. She has received some awards and acknowledgements in Chile, Spain and the United States. She participated in the writing of the first “Encyclopedia of Spanish in the United States (Yearbook of the Cervantes Institute) in Madrid, Spain (Santillana, 2008). The publishing house Holt, Rinehart & Winston included her poetry in the text books: Exprésate (2006- 2010) and Cultura y Lenguaje (2007-2010), used in the study of Spanish in middle and high schools throughout the United States. In the year 2010, she was selected among the most outstanding 100 Latinos of Miami for her work and contribution to culture.

More info:

Date: Wednesday, June 12 of 2024.
Hour: 2:00 PM
The event will be conducted in SPANISH.
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www.baquiana.com | [email protected]

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