Todas las mujeres (fulanas y menganas)

II Edition Out of Catalogue 2018


From November 1, 2018 to November 3, 2018.


Opening November 1st 2018, 7 p.m.

On November 1st, opens All Women (Fulanas and Menganas). The show will bring together 15 Latina artists from different generations and visual arts disciplines. Connected by inquirying into the feminine as a theme, subject and political category, these works will show the multiple ways of being a woman and living through it; a diversity in which it is possible, however, to built bridges.

The artists participating are: Martha María Pérez and Bernardita Rakos Ried as special guests. Also  Aglaia Berlutti, Bernadette Despujols, Dinora De Jesús, Elisabetta Balasso, Ivette Díaz, Francis Márquez and Miri Páez Bolet, among others. The show is part of Out of Catalogue, an annual multicultural event produced by Funcionarte, a non-profit organization aimed to combat gender-based violence through education and arts promotion.

The exhibition is free and open to the public.


Marta María Pérez Bravo (Cuba) is one of the pioneers of the Latinoamerican conceptual photography. In her self-portraits, she often uses her own body as the main subject-object to express her identity as a mother, woman, Cuban, practicing member of the Yoruba religion and emigrant. Her work has been shown in some of the most renowned museums around the world. Currently she lives in Mexico.

Bernardita Rakos (Chile) is a visual artist and photographer who works with “domestic landscapes”, as she uses to call them. Everyday life and the body as territoriality and imaginary are mixed in her artworks. As a recurrency, the presence of the bolero, that musical genre in which the feminine is always an object of emotional tearing or an emotional tearing subject, but also a form of power and profanity.

Dinorah de Jesús Rodríguez (Cuba) is anartivist. Specially through veideoart and films, she often uses explicit sexuality as a theme, alluding also to her open bisexuality and to the fact of being a rape survivor. That is to say that she clearly emphasizes in woman rights, sexual diversity, and violence against women.

Bernadette Despujols (Venezuela) is a visual artist and architect. Her work focuses in Latin American women identity inside a culture marked by the presence of the macho, as well in the memories of her homeland and homesickness as founders of new identities. Her work has been shown in Venezuela and the United States, where she currently lives.

Aglaia Berlutti (Venezuela) is a writer and photographer. Her self-portraits often explores de darkest side of the feminine psychis or represent some tragic literary carachters (Ophelia or the dead maidens from the XIX century) that later became referents in visual arts. They are also an inquiry in her own psychic content, as well a performance of the infinite facets that can live together into a single woman.

Ivette Díaz Espín (Venezuela) is visual artist, illustrator and poet. As part of her work she has been devoted to question the female sterotypes. With Tarot, her most recen series, she heads towards a deepest ground, the archetypes, reinventing and bringing them into a current and contemporary view. Thus, she reminds their validity and relevance when we talk about the feminine as subject and political cathegory.

Miriam Páez Bolet is a photographer, musician, drawer and blogger. Her photography work explores the quotidian life, as well as the feminine diversity from its cultural, racial and ethnic aspects. Currently she lives in the United States.

Yvonne Recinos-Pfeiffer (Guatemala) is a successful businesswoman, painter and sculptor. Her art specialties are the woman figure and exploration of essence of Latin American culture, particularly her Guatemalan heritage, and Aztec and Mayan roots. She currently lives in the United Sttes.

Organized with:

(Español) Funcionarte

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