Throwing Stones in Greenhouses

Micro In Shorts Episode 4

Throwing Stones in Greenhouses

Original work by David Brzostowicki.(Fort Lauderdale, Fla)
Only available in English.

When a renowned climate scientist with keys to solving the global climate crisis is kidnapped, and her life is threatened unless $10 million in cash is paid to her kidnappers within 72 hours, two detectives stumble upon a pre-recorded video that could lead to her rescue. But even after they establish contact with her, a quick rescue proves far from likely…

David Brzostowicki is an actor, writer, director, and musician. Born in Miami and raised in Fort Lauderdale, he’s jumped from one art form to another throughout his life, finding homes within many. He’s been a performer for over six years, most recently starring in “Church and State” at the Main Street Playhouse. His most recent project, “Bite the Bullet,” a short film in which he wrote, co-produced, and starred in, is currently rounding the film festival circuit. He’s hard at work on his next short film, “Light My Fire,” which he hopes will start circumnavigating the film festival orbit later this year. “Throwing Stones in Greenhouses” is his first produced play.

Other actor’s bios: Carolina Speroterra is an Argentinian actress and dancer. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she moved to Miami when she was 15. Her performing career began with the Tango Times Dance Company. She then transitioned into acting, and has performed in a variety of short films and local theater productions, including with the Microtheater in Miami.

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