Be Like A Dragonfly

The Nightclub


From May 26, 2020 to May 30, 2020.

Be Like A Dragonfly

Curator: Angela Valella
Friday, June 5, 2020

Be Like a Dragonfly is an ephemeral artwork in the form of recording-sessions that employ photography and music with the participation of a vast world audience by using their cellular phones recording devices.

The Nightclub is accepting submission from artists, cultural producers, and interested persons from different parts of the planet of one or various five-minute recording made before June  5, 2020.

Dragonflies are powerful and agile fliers, capable of migrating across the sea, moving in any direction, and changing direction suddenly. In-flight, the adult dragonfly can propel itself in six directions: upward, downward, forward, backward, left, and right. The novelist H.E. Bates described the rapid, agile flight of dragonflies in his 1937 nonfiction book, Down the River:

“I saw, once, an endless procession, just over an area of water lilies, of small sapphire dragonflies, a continuous play of blue gauze over the snowy flowers above the sun-glassy water. It was all confined, in true dragonfly fashion, to one small space. It was a continuous turning and returning, an endless darting, poisoning, striking and hovering…” 

How to participate: Each file made from a particular location, city, and country of your choice where the sounds are captured documents testimonies and personal stories connecting the world-community in a similar state of unprecedented experiences during this stay-home mandate up to May 2020. The sound-pieces may be as simple as the running shower, the kitchen faucet, trash compactors, household noises, background music, sounds from your outdoor patio, pool, garden, balcony, visits to a supermarket, bicycle ride, or a walk around the neighborhood.

Format: mp3 file labelled as follows: NAME-LASTNAME-PLACE-MM-DD-YY.mp3

Time: up to 5min

Upload you file at

Deadline: May 30, 2020

Sound-pieces and photos have been submitted so far by:
Pip Brandt, Hollywood, FL / Xavier Buitre, Miami Shores, FL / Aleli Egues, Coral Gables, FL / Alicia Knoepfel, Barcelona, Spain / Ana Somoza, Vigo, Spain / Odalis Valdivieso, New York, NY / Sara Coirat, Madrid, Spain / Rina Carvajal, Coral Gables, FL / Carlos Betancourt, El Portal, FL / Michelle Penkrot, College Station, Texas / Consuelo Castaneda, Miami Beach, FL / Claudia Ariano, Miami Beach, FL / Jorge Luis Gutierrez, Philadelphia, PA / George Fishman, Miami, Fl / Roc Laseca, Tenerife, Spain / Jose Palacios Inaki, Miami Beach, FL / Illaria Lilly D’Alessandro, NYC and Italy / Cristina Figueroa Vives, La Habana, Cuba / Allan Gutierrez, New York, NY / Benita Marrero, Fasnia, Canaria, Spain / Frank Dilone, El Doral, FL / Eddie Arroyo, Little Haiti, FL / Yunior Careaga R, Miami, Fl / Marcos Valella, Ridgewood, NY / Natxo Moralejo, Terragona, Spain / Francisco “Curro” Tardio, Madrid, Spain / Stephanie Lupu, Chicago, IL / Nilo Cruz, Design District, FL / Adrian Valella, Houston, TX / Lorena Villar, Coral Gables, FL / Evelyn Perez, The Roads, Fl / Yamilet Hernandez, South Beach, FL / Tony Labat, San Francisco, CA / Ana Ochoa, La Rioja, Miami Beach, FL / Arturo E. Mosquera and Arturo F. Mosquera, Coral Gables, FL / Rafael Diaz-Casas, Inwood, Upper Manhattan, NYC, NY / Olivia Knoepfel, Barcelona, Spain / Sara Coriat, Madrid, Spain / Cristina Villamil, Coral Gables, FL / Robert Figueroa-Pegs, Broward, FL / Vicky Cerda, Coral Gables FL / Tomas Valdivieso, Miami Beach, FL / Luis Fumero, La Zarza, Spain / Ainhoa Urcelay Callejo, Madrid, Spain / Jose Iraola, Pinecrest, FL / Beatriz Alburqueque, NYC. NY / Hernan Rivera- Luque, Brooklyn, NY / Ileana Casanova, Brickell, Miami, Fl / Madelyn Mateo Coral Gables, FL / Antonieta Cendoya, Tallinn, Estonia.


The Nightclub is a collaborative art endeavor that initiates and supports the critical exchange of ideas in art and cultural practice and the active development of artists, in-situ exhibitions and talks.

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