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From November 8, 2018 to November 11, 2018.


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The 8th annual RECENT CINEMA FROM SPAIN in MIAMI, unveils official poster and announces 2018 dates and movies

Building on seven successful editions, EGEDA US and The Olympia theater, with the collaboration of ICAA and CCEMiami, present the eight RECENT CINEMA FROM SPAIN, a showcase of the most outstanding contemporary Spanish films at the Olympia Theatre in Downtown Miami, from November 8 to November 11, 2018.


November 8th 2018

6:30 PM Red carpet
7:30 PM Movie

Paz seems to have the perfect life. She has a job, a partner and friends but something is missing. In reality there are things she is unhappy about. She feels anxious and burdened but can’t bring herself to express these feelings. Until one day she turns to a strange therapy that will make her say absolutely everything she thinks. How would your life be if you only said what you think?.

November 9th 2018

CARMEN Y LOLA. Miami Premiere!
Directed by Arantxa Echevarría
7:30 p.m. Film Screening

Making her feature film debut, writer-director Arantxa Echevarria creates an impassioned love story both universal and sharply specific, following the blossoming romance of two young gypsy girls. Carmen (Rosy Rodriguez) and Lola (Zaira Morales) find freedom in each other’s company as they experience a true sense of identity for the first time. But as their relationship grows deeper, they face fallout from Madrid’s traditional Roma community. Featuring a vibrant cast of first-time actors, CARMEN Y LOLA premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival (Directors’ Fortnight) and marks the start of a promising filmmaking career.

November 10th 2018

Directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen
7:3o p.m. Film Screening

EL REINO (The Kingdom) directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen is a political thriller depicting the reality of our current world and portraying a segment of society, the political elite, as it had never been seen before, through the eyes of a corrupt politician trapped in a struggle for survival after having let his party’s and his own interests take him too far.

Manuel (Antonio de la Torre), an influential regional vice-secretary who had everything in his favour to take the leap into national politics, becomes trapped in a struggle for survival after a leak involves him in a corruption scandal. How far is a person willing to go in order to hold on to power?.From the producers of The secret in their eyes and Marshland.

Directed by Jaime Rosales
The film will start after The Realm

Following her mother’s death, Petra embarks on a quest which leads to Jaume, a celebrated artist and powerful, ruthless man. As she attempts to uncover the truth, Petra meets Marisa, Jaume’s wife, and their son Lucas. Gradually, these characters are driven to the edge as their stories intertwine in a spiral of malice, family secrets and violence. Fate’s cruel logic, however, is derailed by a twist that opens a pathway to hope and redemption.

November 11th 2018. Closing Festival

Directed by Asghar Farhadi
7:30 p.m. Película
*Special Screening with limited seating available.

Laura and her children travel from Buenos Aires to the village where she was born, on a Spanish vineyard, to attend her sister’s wedding but unexpected events lead this gathering towards a crisis which exposes the hidden past of the family. Directed by two-time Academy Award winner Asghar Farhadi, Everybody Knows marks his first time directing in Spain. A psychological thriller that has Farhadi’s masterful direction and an all-star cast who deliver superb performances.

Organized with:

(Español) EGEDA, Olympia Theater y ICAA

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