Loss of the absolute

Book Presentation by Carmen Rivero


Tuesday, July 17, 2018.


7 p.m.

Loss of the absolute

 I’m going to the periphery to reencounter my centre. (Jean‐Luc Godard)

Loss of the absolute is a metaphor that can be understood as the blurring of the preset things, the widening of those references, constructions, emotions and experiences that are perceived as predetermined and unchangeable. The etymology of the word metaphor comes from the Greek, and it enlightens us with its meaning: “transfer”, “displacement”. This journey becomes, also, at times, imperative conversion. Made like paper to fly I stay in it, in this conversion, written so that neither time nor forgetfulness consume me.

About Carmen Rivero (La Habana, Cuba)

Graduated in Economics and Theology. She began his photographic work by making a dossier of plastic artists in Cuba. She has been jury by SIGNIS at several Cuban film festivals. She has completed his training attending different courses and workshops with Ricky Dávila, David Jiménez, Joan Fontcuberta, Oscar Molina, Eduardo Momeñe.

Co-founder of El Trapiche since 2011. Project that designs, manages and produces projects for the development and diffusion of contemporary photography. Co-founder and coordinator with other photographers of SUMA a Day of Photography. Collaborative project on the diffusion of photography in Granada. She worked in the production of Agora fotolab 2016, I Conference of the Photographic Picture.

She is currently coordinator of communication and teacher at Deriva School of Photography.

In 2016 publishes his first book Loss of the absolute. Finalist at the PhotoBook Week of La Fabrica in PhotoEspaña 2015.

In 2017 publishes Where does the mountain go? Sonámbulo Editions.

Recent exhibitions

¿Hacia dónde se retira la montaña? Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (CDAV). La Habana. Cuba
¿Hacia dónde se retira la montaña?. Biblioteca de Andalucía. Granada. España.
Perdida de lo absoluto. APERTURA. Málaga. España.
Perdida de lo absoluto. Foto Cine Club de Chile. Santiago de Chile. Chile.
Colección Postdata Esperanza Recuerda. Sala de Exposiciones. Universidad de Murcia. Murcia. España.
Pérdida de lo absoluto. Entrópica. Granada. España.
Pérdida de lo absoluto. El Fotómata. Sevilla. España.
Hexápoda. El Pósito. Loja. España.
Colección Postdata Esperanza Recuerda . Sala de Exposiciones Facultad de Bellas Artes. Universidad de Granada. Granada. España.
Begira’12 Photofestival. Durango. España.
Hexápoda. Galería Arrabal & Cía. Granada. España.
I Jornadas de Arte Compartido. Ceuta. España.
Cariño, deja ya de confundirme. Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales. La Habana. Cuba.
Exposición colectiva Facultad de Comunicación y Documentación. Universidad de Granada. Granada. España.
Cariño, deja ya de confundirme. Centro Europeo de las Mujeres Mariana Pineda. Granada. España.
Body Art. Pupa Tattoo Art Gallery. Granada. España.
Then new photographs: Algo más alegre que las canciones de Leonard Cohen. Sala Vimambi. Granada. España.
De Granada a La Habana. La Madriguera. La Habana. Cuba.

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