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In relation to the Pride Month supporting the movement LGBTQ, and commemorating the 51 Anniversary of Stonewall, The Cultural Center of Spain will present online the following Microtheater Miami plays.

June 26th , 7 pm via instagram live (@microtheatermiami) ¨Back to the closet¨ by Gerald Fillmore with the actors Victoria Murtagh and Pablo Cunqueiro.

June 27th, 7pm via instagram live (@microtheatermiami) “Consultas Más Allá del Arcoiris”. La Doctora Love llega de nuevo, como siempre brindándonos consejos desde su infinita sabiduría. Director and actress: Eugenia Sancho.

June 28th, 7 pm via @microtheatermiami Facebook the play ¨Las Cenizas de Yasmina¨  by Eduardo Viladés will be published. Director and actress: Belkis Proenza, camera and editing by Arturo Arocha, and production: BelArt by La Casa del TÉatro. Las mil y una historia de un transexual. Un alegato a la libertad, al amor, en contra de fanatismos.

CCEMiami contributes and supports with its activities the 17 Goals at the Agenda 2030 by United Nations. The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

¨To realize a world of equality and dignity for all, we will have to change laws and policies; we will also have to change hearts and minds. Every sector and every person can play a role, speaking out to remind the world that it should not be illegal to live your life as you are and to live your life with whomever you love.”  – Rick Parnell, Chief Operating Officer of the UN Foundation

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