Jóvenes Frente al Espejo

Film Festival


Thursday, February 22, 2018.


6PM - 9PM

The Cultural Center of Spain in Miami (CCEMiami) present Jóvenes Frente al Espejo, an audiovisual show of independent and alternative Cuban cinema of young filmmakers on February 22nd and 23rd.

Jóvenes Frente al Espejo is an audiovisual show of independent and alternative Cuban cinema of young filmmakers.

In the program 2018 documentary works, animations and fictions of different aesthetic and artistic bills can be appreciated, centered on the expectations, anguishes and dreams of the new generations.

In this first edition, the exhibition intends to exhibit the most recent and almost unknown Cuban audiovisual creation that, in the area of ​​short and medium-length films, has been produced in the last ten years by different authors, many of whom still study in the film schools of the island. All, make up the generation born in the mid-90s, at the most critical and convulsive moments of the so-called Special Period.

The characters in this exhibition are essentially children and young people in complex situations, struggling to make their way and trace their own destiny. Subjects who seek happiness, love, who dream, doubt or fail, always seen from the perspective of the youngest Cuban creators. Several of the stories are born of their own life experiences.


February 22nd 2018

6:00 PM Opening by Sisy Gomez.
6:15 PM

  1. Irán Hernandez. 2013. 15 min. Nowadays the younger generations want to change the world.
  2. El dictado. Yolyanko Williams. 2009. 2’. The teacher gives her kids a dictation and one of the girls does it in a spacial way.
  3. Una niña, una escuela. Alejandro Ramírez. 2008. 13 min. In a community in Escambray, Cuba, a girl is the only student of a school in the mountains.
  4. Sebastián Miló. 2012. 29 min.  In a school of internal regime, Raidel is witness to the vexations and mistreatments suffered by his partner Randy, Raidel tells the story with fear of becoming his substitute.
  5. Nadia en ninguna parte. José M Martínez. 3 min. Marta updates her friend Nadia about the most important events that have occurred since her recent departure. Nadia listens and asks with great interest, as if she never had to leave.
  6. Cuando Truena. Sisy Gómez Peña. 2017.11 min. Yoander is an emigrant who travels to the province of Holguin after three years to reconnect with his family. In the whole journey he remembers his life story until that moment. After his arrival in San Felipe de Uñas, where his family lives, he discovers that he no longer belongs to that place and that he cannot, even if he wanted to; solve the problems his family is facing.
  7. Danny y el club de los verracos: Calixto presidente. Víctor A. Cedeño. 2016. 25 min. Calixto, a skilled teenager, supplants the old-fashioned Mauricio, in an important meeting, causing considerable changes in the school.

7: 00 PM Round-table by Roberto Otero, Hanna Imbert, Yolyanco Willians and Sisy Gómez

8:45 PM Cocktail


February 23rd 2018
6:00 PM Opening by Sisy Gómez
6:15 PM

  1. El color de Elisa. Alina Rodríguez. 2010. 19 min. Lucas and Elisa are joined by a taste for cinema. When he meets her, he thinks he finds his movie muse in her. He will not stop filming her for a moment, until his obsession leads to the limit.
  2. Jessica Franca. 2016. 31 min. María hides a secret that will take her with her for seven months.
  3. Gissel Lominchar.2017. 19 min. The consequences of maternity.
  4. Sisy Gómez. 2017. 17 min. Five children are victims of psychological violence produced by the social constructions of their parents and legitimized by society and context.
  5. Tilin, Tilin. Violena Ampudia. 2016. 3 min. Two girls innocently play at adults, imitating their mother’s behavior.

7: 00 PM Round-table by Danae C. Dieguez, Alina Rodriguez, Jessica Franca and Sisy Gómez.

8: 00 PM Closing and cocktail


Film Curator: Gustavo Arcos

Bachelor of Art History at the University of Havana. Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) of the Cuban Association of the Cinematic Press.
In 1999 he began working at the Faculty of Arts of the Audiovisual Media (FAMCA) as a professor, teaching the courses of Cuban Cinema, Audiovisual Appreciation and History of Universal Cinema, site where he currently works.

He has offered multiple conferences, creation workshops and academic advising in postgraduate courses for university students, specialists and professionals from several countries (United States, France, Brazil, Norway, Spain, Germany) convened by the Casa de las Américas, the University of La Havana, the Latin American Pedagogical Institute, UNEAC and the Martian Studies Center.
Since 2015 he teaches the course Cinema and society in Cuba integrated to the program of the Consortium (group of universities of the USA) coordinated by the House of the Americas and the University of Havana.

His texts about cinema and audiovisual media have appeared in several magazines, catalogs, specialized blogs and weekly newspapers in the country. He has integrated juries to film, television and video festivals.


Coordinator: Sisy Gómez Peña

Graduated from the University of Arts in Cuba (ISA) in the specialty of radio and television film direction. Graduated from the National School of Art (ENA) in the profile of acting. Graduated from the National Elementary School of Ballet “Alejo Carpentier”.

Director and Screenwriter of more than a dozen short fiction and documentary materials, among which are: “Reflejos” – awarded the UNETE Prize of the UN and selected by UNICEF, as part of the campaign of symbolic violence. “Reflejos” is a critical, anthropological and reflective view of gender learning and the socialization of violence that we have throughout our lives. “Cuando Truena” awarded the Support Award of the Norwegian Embassy in Cuba, and the GO-Cuba Award of the World Cinema Amsterdam Festival. Documentary that addresses the issue of internal migration. “Room 7”, his first feature film, is a suspense film supported by the ICAC and the Hermanos Saiz Association.

His audiovisual works have been shown in cinemas throughout the country as well as on television; and they have participated in festivals and national and international exhibitions such as: ICAIC Young Film Festivals, Gibara Film, Camagüey Cinema, World Cinema Amsterdam and the Spanish Cultural Center Miami.

She began her career in the theater as an actress at the age of 4, where she has a great repertoire, performing in more than 20 works, she also ventured into the direction of children’s theater with two works, one of which “Cuentos del Mar Azul”, He won the CARICATO prize for direction and staging.

At the same time, she coordinated the Culinary Art and Critics project, Cubapaladar, where she also worked as a culinary critic, and Anywhere Cuba travel agency that in addition to coordinating its implementation led the audiovisual department.

Producers:  Sonia Laguna and David F. Alfonso
Logo Design: Ignacio Alberto Cabrera
Producers in Cuba: Michel Díaz Calero and Gleris Vallejo Carballosa
Participants: Danae C. Dieguez, Roberto Otero, Jessica Franca y Yolyanko Williams

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