FlamenGO 2022

El Yiyo. Jubileo


May 21 and 22 , 2022.

The Cultural Center of Spain (CCEMiami) and the Miami Dade County Auditorium (MDCA) present the “bailaor” (flamenco dancer) ‘El Yiyo’, as part of the program FlamenGO 2022, created by CCEMiami.  

El Yiyo and his group will travel from Spain to offer their new performance called Jubileo. This will be the first time the group will be performing this show in the United States. The dates of the show are May 21st and 22nd in the Mid-stage of the Miami Dade County Auditorium. 

Jubileo invites the public to join in on the new ‘flamenco fiesta’. It is a comeback event where the artist shares previously unseen facets developed along with his dance troupe.

The ensemble, which includes El Yiyo’s two brothers, invites the audience to join in on the celebration of this family affair. This performance expresses the joy of the return to the stage with the unquestionable personal style of its creator. 

Jubileo doesn’t have a linear narrative, which explains a story. It is the emotion and pure sentiments of celebration and joy. It is an invitation for everyone in the audience to share in lively, unforgettable moments. This is done through different “palos del flamenco” which fill us with cheer. 

In this show El Yiyo and his two brothers; Ricardo Fernández Ribas ‘El Tete’ and Sebastián Fernández Ribas ‘El Chino’, dance alongside percussion by José Córdoba López; singing by Joaquín Gómez Contreras; and guitar by Adan Pérez Jiménez.


At Miami Dade County Auditorium

2901 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33135

Tickets at: https://www.miamidadecountyauditorium.org/event/jubileo-by-el-yiyo-2022/all/


About El Yiyo


Miguel Fernández Ribas, was born in Badalona, Spain in 1996. El Yiyo is his stage name, through which he is most known. He is a young “bailaor” with more than 17 years professionally dedicated to dance.  

Born in the heart of a gypsy family from Jaén, Spain, El Yiyo is pure instinct and artistry. He learned to walk and dance practically at the same time. 

Spain, France, Portugal, Taiwan are only a few of the places where he has traveled with his previous show called El Yiyo: Flamenco Dream. He has starred in more than 20 performances and with only 11 years of age, successfully finished his first international tour. 

His impactful presence through dance has allowed him to share the stage with major players in the Flamenco world such as Estrella Morente, Miguel Poveda, Farruquito, El Güito, Eva Yerbabuena, and Pitingo to name a few. More recently, in a contemporary context, he has performed with C. Tangana. His trajectory has opened the doors to considerable venues such as; Teatro Real in Madrid and El Liceo in Barcelona. He has also performed in the great stages of Paris, New York, and Rome.   

El Yiyo has carved out his own identity in the Flamenco world, nourishing his artistry with other kinds of dance and music, not just classic Flamenco. His way of perceiving dance; his luminosity, elegance, and untamed bravery on stage has made him a point of attraction for photographs and fashion brands. He has appeared in the New York times, Vogue, and major television networks. Additionally, he has negotiated with Armani to showcase their clothing in his performances. 

There is no doubt that El Yiyo is one of the “bailaores” with a grand presence in the current cultural scene. 

About FlamenGO

FlamenGo is an annual program created by CCEMiami in 2015 which gives visibility and opportunity to young Flamenco artists with a large influence in Spain to perform either to perform or to present new works for the first time in the United States. With this program, CCEMiami promotes the art of Flamenco and makes it accessible to all communities of South Florida. Some artists of note that have participated in this program thus far include Juan Habichuela Nieto, Kiki Morente, La Flaca, María Toledo, Alberto Raya, and the dance company of Alfonso Losa and Vanesa Coloma.

More info:

CCEMiami & MDCA present

FlamenGO 2022


Jubileo. Flamenco dance performance

Dates: May 21, 8:00 pm

Ans May 22, 7:00pm

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