POSTPONED: Exhibition The Magic of the Outsider Object

National Art of the Mentally Ill


From February 13, 2020 to April 14, 2020.


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In an abundance of caution, following recommendations from the Governor of Florida, The Cultural Center of Spain in Miami is cancelling all cultural events, including our permanent program Microtheater Miami for the next 15 days. This decision is made with your comfort and safety in mind.

CCEMiami will continue to closely monitor COVID-19. CCEMiami is coordinating efforts with the appropriate state and local authorities.

For more information regarding the resumption of our programs and regular opening hours, please visit and closely monitor our Facebook and Instagram (@ccemiami) channels.

Regretting the consequences that this cancellation may entail, we send affectionate greetings and apologies.


CCEMiami Team


CCEMiami and NAEMI would like to invite you to the opening exhibition The Magic of the Outsider Object on February 13th at 7 p.m., curated by Claudia Taboada. There will also be a drumming presentation; an experiential workshop demonstrating how impactful rhythm is to our well being by South Florida Wellness Network.

Join us for an exciting moment of movement, music and healing while enjoying the benefits of creative expression and the all-inclusive experience by Rhythmic Drummers.

Naemi is dedicated to discovering, studying, promoting, exhibiting, and preserving the art of person recovering from mental illness throughout the world.

This exhibition compiles art pieces from the following outsider artists: Isaac Crespo, Misleydis Castillo, Mario Mesa, Federico García Cortizas, Candice J. Avery, Eric Holmes, Adriam Horta, Jorge Alberto Hernández Cadi (El Buzo), Patrick La Fon, Milton Schwartz, Ramón Losa, Julián Espinosa Rebollido (Wayacon), Roger Sadler, Damián Valdés Dilla, Guillermo Marcos Cazola (Rigo) and Héctor Gallo Portieles (Gallo).

The “art of the mentally ill” as defined for the purposes of Naemi, refers to the art produced by individuals, usually self-taught and without any formal artistic training, whose work arises from an intense, innate personal vision. Through public exhibitions Naemi seeks to educate the public about this art and to aid in overcoming and dispelling any negative bias associated with the circumstances of its production and to affirm the positive power and importance of the creativity of individuals recovering from mental illnesses.

For this occasion at CCEMiami we have selected The Outsider Object and the need to alter conventional language.

The introduction of the object as a symbol in art can probably be traced back to Magritte and his ambiguous allusion to the pipe, or to Picasso with synthetic Cubism; but it was not until 1917 that, with Duchamp’s gesture, the importance of the objet trouvé was finally declared and the catharsis of conventional language was realized in modern art. Since then, the everyday object has been used by the most contemporary trends as yet another formal and conceptual element of creation.

The outsider universe could not fully assimilate this process from a conscious cultural view – successor to the process of the development of representation in art – if we consider the inevitable impact of their mental conditions, and the self-teaching and therefore the lack of artistic references, as determining factors. I would say rather that the object in that case is taken advantage of by necessity: most artists opt for reuse, the chance to find in the everyday the support for expression, adaptation to their language, the re-building of it, the adhering to what is not lacking but to what accommodates it, and codifies it so much that chaos becomes order. The outsider object is not intended to be a transgressor in this; it is already so because of the fact that it has never had the prejudice to use them: the artist here takes the everyday for organic; everything available to him is valid to create with, because it has no academic limits, nor the pressure of patronage. In this exhibition many times the object will cease to be casual and will be more than an “ordinary support” to become a symbol – by Claudia Taboada.

South Florida Wellness Network is a peer run-organization committed to behavioral health and holistic wellness for individuals and families. Through the use of expressive arts we invite individuals to learn about the impact of creativity, movement, and mindfulness-based supports.  Expressive Arts is a very personalized process that values and explores the Inter-connection between all the arts – music, movement, visual art, and drama – allowing us to tap into the wellspring of creativity within us.

The objective of our drumming presentation will be to get people actively involved in movement through an experiential workshop demonstrating how impactful rhythm is to our well-being.

The exhibition will be on view until April 13th, 2020.

For further information please visit us at or contact us via phone to 305-446-977 or 305 – 972-1069 or at [email protected]

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