Corrientes: Movement With Purpose

Exhibition. FlamenGO


April 26, 27 and 30, May 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 , 2018.


9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

CCEMiami presents the video and photography exhibition Corrientes: Movement With Purpose, inspired by the moving work of Flamenco Dancer, Jesús Carmona.

Lulo Rivero / Video Artist
Luis Olazábal / Photographer
Osmany Torres / Photographer
Ricardo Cornejo / Photographer

Featuring Jesús Carmona / Flamenco Dancer

The exhibition will be on view until May 17th which will close with a special performance by Jesús Carmona and with a live fragment of his show Impetu’s. Corrientes: Movement with Purpose is presented as part of the 4th edition of FlamenGO, the exhibition is a tribute to Flamenco, its culture and all its disciplines.

The view includes the Art video “Impetu’s: Flamenco’s driving force”, 9 large format photographs (60 x 40 inches) and 15 medium format photographs (36 x 24 inches).

The exhibition stems from the 5-minute film by audiovisual artist, Lulo Rivero, called Impetu’s: Flamenco’s Driving Force, where the dancer is presented as the film’s protagonist. Lulo Rivero’s short film was selected and awarded at film festivals in cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Utah and in countries such as The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Colombia.

In addition to printed still frames and short clips, the exhibition includes 25 photographic works taken during the video shoot process and captured through the lens of a synergistic team of talented artists; Photographers, Luis Olazábal, Osmany Torres and Ricardo Cornejo. They were inspired to enrich the outlook of Carmona’s artistic show, Impetu’s, which is now touring the United States.

Corrientes looks to inspire a path of self- discovery while motivating its viewers to connect with their own desires and to evaluate where their intentions lies in order to define how they connect at any given moment.

Lulo Rivero
Video Artist @lulohouse

Lulo Rivero is a Video Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is based in Miami, Florida. His work is best described as visual storytelling. Lulo has produced video content with many facets of artistic expression ranging from performing arts projects, to live music concerts, culinary art projects and live art installations, such as his 2016 collaboration with artist, Alexa Meade, which was selected by YouTube to participate in the Sundance Film Festival.

Lulo Rivero has an extensive career in advertising and TV, working for brands like Discovery Channel, MTV, FOX, History Channel, Havas Media, among others. In 2017, Lulo had the honor of working with the great flamenco dancer, Jesús Carmona on the short film: “Ímpetu’s: Flamenco’s Driving Force”.

Luis Olazábal
Photographer @luiolazabal

Luis Olazábal is a Music and Performing Arts Photographer currently living and working in Miami Beach, Florida. He captures the grace and verve of live music performance by some of the most accomplished artists of our time, such as Paco de Lucía, Caetano Veloso, Concha Buika, Diego El Cigala, Bebo and Chucho Valdés, among others.

Originally from Lima, Perú, Olazábal’s knowledge and passion for music informs his intuitive approach to his subject. His dedication to his craft is evident in each photograph, which records the intense intimacy shared between the artist, the instrument and the audience. Since 2004, he has been the official photographer of the Rhythm Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting cutting edge musical acts from around the world to Miami audiences.

Over the past 20 years, Olazábal has been an active participant and collaborator in the Miami visual arts and performance community. He has held more than 15 exhibitions of his photos at several galleries such as the Little Haiti Cultural Complex Gallery, Bakehouse Art Complex, WDNA Jazz Gallery, the Miami International Airport for a year, CIFO (Cisneros Fontanals Arts Foundation). His clients include JVC Jazz Festival, Sony- BMG Music, Miami-Nice Jazz Festival, Miami International Jazz Fest, Miami Light Project, Tigertail Productions. Olazábal’s work has been published
in local and nationwide magazines such as Vibe, Miami New Times, El Sentinel, Florida International Magazine, The Miami Herald, Ocean Drive, Dance Magazine, Jazziz and JazzTimes.

Osmany Torres
Photographer @os_photographyco

Osmany Torres is a Professional Photographer, Art Director and multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer born in Cuba and currently living and working in Miami Beach, Florida. In 1996 he graduated from the Instituto Superior de Diseño in Havana and worked as a Designer and Art Director at important cultural publications, world companies and brands, winning several awards and recognition for his work.

Torres left Cuba in 2008 and settled in Mexico City, where he began to outline the exercise of commercial photography. He moved to the United States in 2013 and there he has established himself
as a Professional Photographer, consolidated in the fields of Architectural, Studio Portrait and Travel Photography. The approach and precision of his work as Commercial photographer are supported by years of work in Design and Advertising. He works with  iStockphoto and Getty Images and also has received commissions from numerous Advertising and Editorial Agencies. His clients includes Art Museums, Visual and Performing Artists, such as The Miami City Ballet, Emily Bromberg, The American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, and brands like RedBull, Bayer, Grupo Modelo, Related Group and Jackson Memorial Hospital. Several journals have published Osmany’s works: Communications Arts, Artecubano, Idea Magazine, Ocean Drive, American Way, Sol y Son and Diario Las Americas, among others.  Many galleries and museums have exhibited his work: National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, Gifu Keizai University in Japan, Benjamín Carrión Cultural Center in Quito and History Miami Museum. He also exhibited his work for Scope 2014 during Art Basel and First Miami Photo Salon.

Ricardo Cornejo
Photographer @contemporad

Ricardo Cornejo is a Photographer-Art director, and he specializes in finding beauty using different kinds of photography. With techniques like architecture, geometry, fashion, food, lifestyle, film and more, he has created his own an unique style. Ricardo lives in the city of Miami and his work is based in South Florida.

Born in Quito, Ecuador, he began his University studies in a little city called Guapulo really close to the capital where he spent two years studying architecture. He decided to change mayor to advertising and graphic design. When he finished his major in Ecuador 2005, he felt like he was still missing something so he changed his life and decided to moved to US. He enrolled at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where he finished his bachelors with honors in Advertising.

Cornejo started analyzing the know-how of the city and his career (always  looking the way to create magic). For years, he worked as a graphic designer, photo editor, digital compositor and a photographer for various small companies. He was introduced to Digital Photography at AIFL where he had to present a book with diverse images in order to graduate, so he bought his first digital camera and starting analyzing it and mixing digitally with Adobe Photoshop. Ricardo  rented a studio where he worked on modeling  lights and backdrops. In his free time at nights and weekends, he studied with models and products trying to understand the complicated concept of photography aspects.  In his photography career he had the privilege of photographing great brands, celebrities, designers, chefs, restaurants and hotels, models and art.

Jesús Carmona (featured artist)
Flamenco Dancer @_jesuscarmona

Jesús Carmona born on Barcelona 1985, is one of the most brilliant dancers of the current Flamenco scene. He is trained in classical Spanish dance and Flamenco. Jesús trained under some of the greatest names in Flamenco such as Eva Yerbabuena, Maestro Granero, Antonio Caanales and Jose Antonio Ruiz. He has been the first dancer of the National Ballet of Spain for 5 years. He has created his own company which he has taken his art all over the world from the Sadler’s Wells in London to the City Center in New York. He toured his shows “Cuna negra y blanca”,  “7 balconies” and “Impetu’s, throughout Australia, India, South America, Asia, Europe and USA stages with an outstanding audience and critics.

The charismatic Jesús Carmona is a pioneer in Flamenco’s evolution. Famed for his explosive and witty footwork, his ballet-infused moves translate masterfully to the work he creates for his own company as well as his performs. He has firmly found a place in the new generation of Dance artists with a lot to say and a lot to dance.

“On top of brisk, cutting zapateado (percussive footwork), Mr. Carmona added voluptuous swerves of the torso, uncommon for men in flamenco. Fall for Dance, at its best, yields discoveries like this, new faces that leave us hoping they’ll come back soon” (2015) NEW YORK TIMES, US

“Complete triumph at the Seville Biennial, more than a promising dancer, with an audience standing at his feet in awe of his mix of orthodox Flamenco and the most polished technique in Spanish dance…”  LA VANGUARDIA “Triumph of the Craddle”, SPAIN

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