Conference in the forms, rhythms and melodies of traditional Spanish music

by Eliseo Parra


Friday, June 22, 2018.


7 p.m.

CCEMiami and FUNDarte present an interactive conference in the forms, rhythms and melodies of traditional Spanish music taught by Eliseo Parra.

A unique experience with master musician Eliseo Parra in which, in one hour, you can travel through time through the diverse rhythms and melodies that have given rise to such genres as flamenco and Latin music. Learn about the roots of traditional Iberian music, rich in genres, melodies and rhythms accompanied by instruments such as the square tambourine, the pandereta, the skillet, the almiréz, and many others. Bring your acoustic instrument if you’re a musician or come ready to enjoy the undiscovered aspects of Spanish folklore.

Eliseo Parra is one Spain’s leading performers and researchers of folk music outside and beyond the Flamenco tradition. He has traveled to small villages to rediscover old songs and musical instruments and has learned how to play some instruments in the traditional style. He reconstructs folk music by adding modern elements. Born in Sardon de Duero (Valladolid), Parra began his musical career in Barcelona in the late 1960s as a drummer in several rock groups. In 1971, he recorded his first LP with the group Mi Generacion; an album that featured his own songs. After many years of continued study and experimentation with different genres, including various recordings with collaborators as well as his own bands, Eliseo Parra is known as one of Spain’s foremost folklorists and musical performers. He has garnered a global reputation for his world music recordings.

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