Screening of short films and panel discussion

Fuera de Catálogo II Edition 2018


Saturday, November 3, 2018.


6 p.m.

Screening of the short films Tierra Roja, Resina and Oculta, and a panel discussion with Dánae Diéguez (Consultant and specialist in gender and gender violence), Francesco Duberli (PhD, MS, MPH, founder and executive director of Survivors’ Pathway Organization and Chairman of the Council of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault of Greater Miami -DVSAC-), and film directors Jessica Franca and Maryulis Alfonso.

Panel Themes: What are femininities? How are the diversities of the imaginary woman displayed in the different scenarios with which we live? What are the absent faces of these diversities?

Technical sheets of the short films:

  • Tierra Roja (Fiction / HDV / 2008/18 minutes)

Direction: Heidi Hassan

Synopsis: Between the past and the present, here and everywhere, a young South American girl wanders around Geneva. A look at the psyche of the emigrant.

Tierra Roja narrates, briefly and movingly, the most existential of the human being: the relationship between the most beloved ones, the approach to them from a distance, trying to find oneself in the new world, and in that of the emigrant.

Heidi Hassan (Havana, 1978). Graduated of Photography at the EICTV and from the School of Fine Arts (ESBA) in Geneva, Switzerland. Director of photography of short films, among which stands out Hay que saltar del lecho. She has directed the fiction shorts Miserere and Orages d’été (Summer Storms), Otra Isla, and Tierra Roja (Best Fiction and mention of the script at Young Directors’ Show, Cuba 2008; Carabela de Plata for the best movie in Latin American at Festival International of Documentary of Bilbao (ZINEBI) 2009; Amnesty International Award at Corto Helvetico al femminile, Switzerland 2009; and Best film at International Cuban Film Festival (FICCU), Germany 2009).

  • Resina (Fiction / HDV / 2014/10 minutes)

Direction: Maryulis Alfonso

Synopsis: Luna, a shy girl, helps her mother to sell creams in the shelter of the road, where the announcer of a curiosity show passes every day. Luna wants to attend this new show to see if there is a two-headed snake, but her mother does not let her.

Maryuris Alfonso (Ciego de Ávila, 1988). Graduated of Fiction Direction at the EICTV. She has directed the fiction shorts Macho (2009), La matanza (2010), Misericordia (2010), Óleo (2010), Argollas (2011), Lui-Elle (2012), Resina (2014), and the documentaries Padre Nuestro (codirection, 2011), Materia prima (2011), Our seed (2012), among others. Her works, exhibited in national and international festivals, have won numerous awards. Among them, the prize for the best photography of the Muestra 13 and the Special Prize of the Jury of the Concurso Caracol (Cuba, 2014), for the fiction short Las ventanas (2014), and the Special Mention of the Jury in the International Festival of Cinema of the Americas (USA, 2016), for the fiction short Sirenas (2015).

  • Oculta (Fiction / 4K / 2016/30 minutes)

Direction: Jessica Franca

Synopsis: Maria, a 15-year-old girl, who is intern at a school in the countryside, will try to hide, at any cost, a huge secret; even, attempting against their own physical and emotional stability.

Jessica Franca (Havana, 1991). Graduated from the National School of Art, (ENA). Graduated of Photography from the Faculty of Art of Audiovisual Media (FAMCA) of the ISA. She has directed the fiction short films Ida y Vuelta and Pas de Deux.

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