Amor Brujo

Siudy Garrido Company


Saturday, June 23, 2018.


(Español) 8 p.m.

This original dance program artistically directed and choreographed by Siudy Garrido was first presented in 2015 in the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles California, commissioned by and debuted with the L.A. Philharmonic, with four sold out performances.

In an extended new edition, Siudy Garrido, tells this magical story of spells and sorcery from the perspective of flamenco. Integrating an extended first part of the continuous program with original flamenco music by Spanish guitarist, José Luis de la Paz and choreographic work by Garrido’s dance company. Maestra Sebrina Maria Alfonso masterfully conducts the South Florida Symphony for the final part, bringing the audience closer to the flamenco colors that Falla was passionate about

El Amor Brujo (Love, the Magician) is the original masterpiece of renowned composer Manuel de Falla. A ballet composed in 1914-1915 and a revised from 1921-1925, It tells the story of Candelas, a young widowed gipsy tormented by the ghost of her late husband and her struggle to adapt to a new life.

The work is distinctively Andalusian in character with songs in Gypsy Andalusian Spanish dialect. The music conveys beauty and originality, with three short songs in mezzo-soprano. The repertoire includes the famous “Danza del ritual del fuego” (Fire dance ritual), “Canción del fuego fátuo” (Song of the will-ó-the-Wisp), and Danza del terror (Dance of Terror). This adaptation by Siudy Garrido looks to come closer to the flamenco world by extending the original 30 minute repertoire to an 1 hour and 15 minutes of dance, flamenco y orchestra music.

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